About the Biscuit

The Biscuit is not a political professional, professional journalist, or anything more than a concerned citizen with something to say; an interested, lifelong observer of American political culture with some decent background in history and current events to back him up.

That background also comes from being a well-educated elitist, albeit a public university elitist, not the much-reviled Ivy League kind. He’s so humble about it, he lets his wife be the one to insist people call him “doctor,” even though he’s always pleased to hear it.

He spent his twenties and thirties reading Ayn Rand and other libertarian “philosophers,” and listening to Rush Limbaugh, all of which encouraged him to live a life of quiet desperate, uncomfortably enfolded in a fog of clueless self-absorption.

Big life events, graduate school, and a couple of trips abroad kicked some sense into him by exposing him to real people and real thinkers with real ideas and experiences. This opened his eyes to a world beyond narrow, parochial interests. It wasn’t salvation, but it was a start.